A-Z Journal - C (for Crumpled Roses)

Hello all! What a crazy few months it's been. I've finally finished school, handed in my projects and went for the final assessment interview about 2 weeks ago. I've now got my Diploma of Graphic Design and have decided at this stage that going any further with it is not for me. I don't think I can bear to sit in a classroom for another 1-2 years. That said, I absolutely loved learning what I have over the past year and a half and plan to put it into good use on my own projects.

So, finally, finally, I have gotten around to a new instalment of my A-Z journal........today featuring the letter C for Crumpled Roses. "Crumpled Roses?" you say. Well, here's the thing - I tried to find an existing C pattern that worked for my journal, but it just wasn't happening for me, so I decided to make one up.

These "roses" remind me of the crushed paper flowers that I used to make when I was into paper crafting, hence the name.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I really love them but at least I finally drew something, and, ah well, they're in the journal now :)

These flowers are drawn free-form and each one turns out a little different, so I haven't completed a pattern step-out for them, but have put together a quick insta-video to show you how I went about it.

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Have a good one!


PATTERN - Faux Weave

I am getting ever closer to the finish line of my course. I have one more round of assessments to go and should be done in around 6 weeks - I cannot wait! I have enjoyed it, but am more than ready for it to be over. Thanks for hanging in there with my erratic posting over the past year or so :)

My desk, which has a myriad of buried treasure amongst the clutter  (my organisation "system" tends towards scribbling things down on scraps of paper when I get an idea then throwing them on my desk). Anyway, I had a bit of a clean up last night and it offered up this pattern ready to scan and share.

I love, love, LOVE easy patterns and how, often, from a simple construct the illusion of a more complex design can be created.

I think that "faux weave" is one such example. What could be easier than spiralling around a single line? Stack these spirals together using a square grid, alternate the direction, add some basic fill and shading and all of a sudden you have a woven effect.

I've named this one "Faux Weave" as I already have a tangle pattern called Weave (check it out - it's one of my faves!)

Here it is:
The line work is completed in each square before moving on to the next. I try to fill each square with a single continuous line (see first 3 steps for a breakdown of the shape) which helps it come together super-quick, though the addition of shading is what really forms the weave effect.

It wouldn't be complete without a strip-ey, wonky grid version:

Have a great weekend!


A-Z Journal - B (for Buttercup)

I've got a short break between school assessment tasks and I've been spending most of my time gardening - we are having the most amazing Autumn weather here and I have a lot I want to get done in the bee garden. I've just about finished all of the paths (finally), and there is a stack of pruning and planting to do as well as lots of seeds to sow and cuttings to take. I really want to put in a rustic looking water feature, too, so that's next on my task to research :)

Here's the next instalment from my A-Z journal. I've used one of my longtime favourite tangle patterns Buttercup. Love. Love. I discovered Buttercup early on and it's shown up in many of my designs since - in fact it made it's debut in my first tangle journal back in 2012.

I love it's simplicity and, well, because..........FLOWERS.

For this page I've used a wonky grid (1) and then added additional lines to create a grid in a grid (2) so that there is a bit of variety in the flowers size and shape. You can see how I created the underlying grid here:


Heart2Heart - PATTERN

It's the month of love. Yep, the big L. Hearts and Roses.

So, I've already shared some String Roses, now it's time for a heart2heart (see what I did there?)

I was pretty surprised to find I had another heart pattern left in me, but here's one that I've been playing with and am really loving:

heart2heart starts with an alternating s-grid - add some v's to create the outer heart then a second heart shape is added inside. Variation - try alternating the direction of the hearts (panel 6).

You know what else I'm really loving of late? The way I can quickly record and edit insta-videos from my phone. Here's a little heart2heart demo.